Episode #19 - How Can My Athlete Discipline Disappointments?

Oct 09, 2018


What You’ll Hear in Today’s 15-Minute Huddle:


  • Today’s question: How Can My Athlete Discipline Disappointments?


  • I’m joined by Chas Snowden. She is a professional CrossFit athlete. Chas is ranked 24th in the world in her age group and is an advocate for healthy living.


  • How Chas approaches her journey as a CrossFit athlete.


  • Why you have to choose to keep working and not let yourself get stuck to keep from moving backward.


  • Why the joy is in the journey and why you need to enjoy the little things, the days in the gym and the grind along the way.


  • Chas talks about her own sports mom and why it’s important for us to check in with our athletes and make sure they are experiencing joy in their athletic pursuits.


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Chasity “Chas” Snowden is a Macro Nutrition Coach based online or in Milton, GA. She is a four-time CrossFit Team Regional champion and is now ranked 14th in the world in her age group. She has a BS in Exercise Health Science.




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