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Episode #26 - Why Nate Robinson Wants You to Slam It In The Bag!

15 February, 2019

What You’ll Hear in Today’s 15-Minute Huddle: Let’s be hon... (more)

A Bedtime Snack: Could This Help Your Athlete?

13 September, 2018

Fall sports have begun and for many of us, that means our lazy summer days have come to a screeching halt!   Practice schedules, games and pretty soon school commitments wi... (more)

Are Your Kids Always Hungry? The Power Snack Solution!

13 September, 2018

One solution to this never-ending hunger and constant grazing is to POWER UP their snacks. The best way to do this is to follow this simple snack formula.   CARBO... (more)

Quick and Easy Breakfast Ideas for Busy Sports Moms

13 September, 2018

  I am not going to lie; mornings at our house are not always pretty. In fact, most days, you are more likely to find me digging through a basket of unfolded laundry looking for... (more)

The Power of The Platter for Holiday Eating

13 September, 2018

Holiday meals are wonderful, family and friends all gathered around a table loaded with delicious food and drink.  Lots of laughing and friendly chatter until the dreaded “kid meltdown&r... (more)

Healthy Holiday Eating Tips for Busy Sports Moms

13 September, 2018

“AIM TO MAINTAIN”     The holidays can be a challenging time when you are striving to eat healthily and watch your weight. No on... (more)

How Does This Registered Dietitian Feed Her Active Family?

13 September, 2018

As a mom of four active boys, our weekends are full of activities. This past weekend it was baseball and lacrosse.  A crazy schedule, but I would not change it for a million dollars! ... (more)

Sports Nutrition: Protect Your Athlete

13 September, 2018

HEY SPORTS PARENTS! GOT A QUESTION FOR YOU. Would you ever send your football player out onto the field without a helmet or allow your young daughter out behind the plate... (more)

Your Athlete's Snacking Struggle...Solved!

13 September, 2018

If I ever get the chance to be on Family Feud, I KNOW this will be my first question.   Steve Harvey: Top six answers on the board. Name something your children ask as ... (more)