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Episode #26 - Why Nate Robinson Wants You to Slam It In The Bag!

15 February, 2019

What You’ll Hear in Today’s 15-Minute Huddle: Let’s be hon... (more)

Simple Self-Care Tips and Ideas For The Busy Sports Mom

11 September, 2018

I love watching my daughter dance. I love the movement. I love the flow, beauty, and grace of dancers.   I have a sports mom bestie who loves watching mixed martial arts. S... (more)

Sports Mom Self-Care: A Hot Shower

11 September, 2018

Before kids, a shower was just a shower. I could never understand why someone would be in there for more than three to five minutes.   Get in. Get Clean. Get Out. Move... (more)

Why Is Self-Care Important Especially for Sports Moms?

11 September, 2018

As sports moms, we sacrifice.   Most often it's our time we sacrifice so we can help keep our family's busy schedules running smoothly.   S... (more)

Create a Self-Care Survival Kit

11 September, 2018

In the back of my car (aka my portable locker room) is my Sports Mom Survival Kit. It includes things like first aid, toiletries, extra clothes, snacks, extra technology, and portable sports chairs... (more)

Simple Ways To Add Some Self-Care To Your Busy Sports Mom Calendar

11 September, 2018

Sports mom confession. It can all feel so overwhelming.   Everyday life is so scheduled with activities including eight or more hours of work, child care, school, church an... (more)

What is Self-Care?

11 September, 2018

Recently I was talking with another sports mom about self-care (aka "me time") when she said something I found myself nodding in agreement with.   &... (more)

How a Little Self-Care Can Improve Your Attitude

11 September, 2018

Until recently when I thought about "me time" I thought about running away from the stresses of my daily routine.   Then my sports mom bestie told me how... (more)

A Grocery Game Plan for Sports Moms

10 September, 2018

Does grocery shopping have you needing Excedrin Migraine and a nap?   You are not alone!   Grocery stores thrive on confusion and impulsivity. They... (more)