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Meet Vanessa: Hi! I'm Vanessa, the Sports Mama behind the blog. I'm married to a youth football and basketball coach, mom to three handsome, intelligent, athletic, BUSY boys, and team mama to a whole bunch more! I share my team mom ideas, tips, and tricks along with other miscellaneous posts about our life off of the gridiron, hardwood, track, and field. When I'm not chauffeuring my boys (and their teammates!) to and from practices and games or running up and down the sidelines cheering and ringing my cowbell, I enjoy drinking flavored coffee, long trips down the makeup aisle, organizing my planner, spending quiet time in Downward Dog, and pretending I have a green thumb. Our days are hectic, but I promise I wouldn't have it any other way! My goal is to help YOU win at this #sportsmama life!

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