Damage Hitter


Baseball, as in life, is all about making adjustments. Karl Carswell a Major League Baseball Scout in the Midwest has developed The Damage Hitter Training program around the wealth of knowledge acquired in his career. ARE YOU A PARENT WHO IS WONDERING HOW TO KEEP YOUR SON/DAUGHTER GROUNDED WHILE STILL HELPING THEM CHASE THEIR DREAM? To do so we must first establish our primary objective as a parent. It is to use all the tools at our disposal to seek out and cultivate parenting moments from everything in our children’s lives. As much as we enjoy sport and watching our children play, our primary job is parenting and not spectator, fan, and surely not an agent. We believe baseball/softball is in place to support our efforts as parents and it’s our job in life to align our players with like-minded individuals and programs that allow them to develop athletically while encouraging healthy lifelong habits for strong character. IS THE MADNESS OF YOUTH SPORTS OVERWHELMING TO YOU AS A PLAYER OR PARENT? It’s become commonplace to become a parent and player who is constantly positioning within the team or organization for playing time. We’ve begun keeping score before the players can even tie their own shoe. We are grading and ranking players as early as 8 years old while publishing statistics and cybermetric in online publications for the world to review all while forgetting one HUGE issue. We failed to prepare our players physically, emotionally and mentally for life, let alone the game, before we threw them out in front of the world to fail. And fail they must, because this game is hard and made for the most successful to taste failure as most know it regularly. ARE YOU READY TO TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR OWN PERSONAL JOURNEY AND WASH OUT ALL THE NOISE SURROUNDING YOUTH BASEBALL/SOFTBALL? At last, a program that supports the parent and players focus on player development from a holistic perspective. Combining the most advanced baseball/softball skill development program with the mental and emotional structure in place to support physical development for all ages.


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