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An online games and activities resource platform for grown-ups and juniors. WHY Golf Cubs Exists? – To equip grown-ups and juniors with the knowledge to create an environment that encourages participation and play, as well as building confidence, motivation, and inspiration. – To facilitate junior development outside the natural golf club/driving range environment. – To offer a different approach to learning about golf and physical and psychosocial benefits. – To expose juniors to golf through different mediums. – To support the recruitment initiatives of governing bodies, golf clubs, and club professionals. – To contribute towards strengthening the bond between junior and grown-up by offering an armoury of games, activities, and ideas that encourage spending quality time together. – To provide a support forum and network for grown-ups with or without the experience of golf. MEET Tom, the founder of Golf Cubs Tom is an award-winning professional golf coach who teaches juniors in Birmingham, England. He is known for his positive influence on those who he teaches and is inspired by the impact the game can have on the younger generation. He has been teaching juniors for over 5 years but noticed something was missing from the industry and believed it to be the ‘accessibility’ of staying in touch with the sport away from the natural golf club environment. In the Summer of 2018, he set about creating a resource for both children and grown-ups to use away from the golf club as a means of playing, learning and sharing the joys of the sport. …what followed was the birth of ‘Golf Cubs’ A magazine and online resource designed to educate young children and grown-ups without the realization they were learning. To include creative games and activities that through the eyes of those involved was just ‘play’ yet was centered around the sport of golf. Golf Cubs intends to build a global community where letting children be children is the core value, with the brand standing for education, play, and sharing. Creating an opportunity to spend time together with friends and family, in a positive and stimulating environment where learning takes places through playing and sharing experiences with others.

What is Golf Cubs?

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