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Greater Than is a clean sports drink made with coconut water and no added sugar. 2x the electrolytes & 1/2 the sugar of typical sports drinks! ✔ 2-3X The electrolytes for increased performance ✔ 80% less calories than other sports drinks ✔ Non-GMO, Gluten-free, Vegan, Paleo & Keto-friendly ✔ 100% natural, no artificial sweeteners, dyes, or added sugars GREATER THAN: BUILT TO BE BETTER! Meet the Founders, Jon and Mark Sider: We are two brothers plus a third almost brother with active lifestyles and wondered why there couldn’t be a sports drink made of natural ingredients that tastes great and helps us get the most out of our bodies during training and competition. The natural hydrating properties of coconut water seemed a natural fit for a sports drink, so we studied how to best include coconut water into a formula that met the standards established by sports science. After years of research, testing, and consultation with experts like the godfather of sports drink science, Dr. Bob Murray, we developed Greater Than, a sports drink that functions as a "Greater Aid". Using earth-grown nutrients vegetables and super fruits to dye and flavor our drinks, we were able to give the world a clean, vegan, keto & paleo friendly, non-GMO hydration option. We do not add any artificial sugars, flavorings or electrolytes, so you can feel good about being Greater Than. SHIPPING IS ALWAYS FREE!

What is Greater Than Sports Drink?

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