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Welcome to Groundwork! Our mission is to make running a youth sports team easier, starting with revolutionizing the number one problem teams face: organizing and collecting team dues. One day, a friend and passionate coach told us he wouldn’t be coaching anymore. When we asked why, he replied, “collecting money”. When we heard that from someone so passionate about coaching, we knew there was a problem in competitive youth sports. We started Groundwork to end the grind of collecting team dues so coaches can focus on developing young athletes. We think that’s what really matters. We believe competitive sports develop youth into better people by building character, sportsmanship and a work ethic to achieve one’s goals. Our mission is to bring more of this to the world by liberating coaches from the busywork so they can focus on the game. Over the last two years we’ve worked tirelessly to develop the most innovative payment system designed exclusively for youth sports teams. We’ve tested it with nationally ranked programs across the United States and we’re excited to soon open our doors publicly. Groundwork, recognizing that many sports clubs are non-profit, offers a non-profit pricing model with no ACH transaction fees — a first in the sports club payments market.

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