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The Roman Protocol is a scientifically proven strategy that has helped hundreds of high school and college-aged wrestlers make weight WITHOUT starving, spitting, sweating, saunas, salt baths, diuretics, abolene or doing dozens of hours of cardio each week. Ready to join the revolution? Why Nutrition on the Mat was Founded... If there was one thing you loved more than anything, it would be: Watching your wrestler step onto the mat. But, if there was one thing you hated about wrestling season, it would be: Watching your wrestler cut weight for their weigh-ins. If you're sick of watching your wrestler using old school, outdated cutting techniques to make weight. You know.. Skipping meals, starving, sweating, spitting, sauna suits, epsom salt baths, diuretics, laxatives, albolene cream... If you KNOW there has to be a better way for your wrestler to make weight without being fatigued, losing strength and muscle mass, mood swings, anger, brain fog and being unable to focus on and off the mat... Then you're in the right place. Since you're here right now, something tells me you're sick of watching your wrestler obsess and struggle every single day because they're using the same unhealthy, ineffective and outdated cutting techniques that were used 20 years ago.. and you need a better solution for your wrestler. Maybe you: Have been watching your wrestler compete since they were practically in diapers.. and you saw how much they enjoyed the sport BEFORE the entire focus of the wrestling season revolved around weight cutting Noticed your wrestler acts like a completely different person during the season. If they were previously relaxed and fun loving.. they're now constantly irritable and fatigued. Going as far as to isolate themselves from friends, family and social events because they don't want to snap at anyone. Are struggling to figure out exactly what your wrestler needs to do so they can make weigh-ins an after thought of wrestling? So your wrestler can gain a competitive edge and enjoy their time on the mat again without hurting their mental and physical health. After all, if they're just beginning high school and have aspirations to compete in college then that means another 7 to 8 years of having to make weigh-ins. You want your wrestler to enjoy stepping on the mat WITHOUT having to spend 20, 30 or 40 hours every single week obsessing about their weight You want your wrestler to be able to give it their all during every practice, match, dual or tournament. You're sick of having to watch them suffer on and off the mat because they need to "make weight". (And yes, I totally get it. It's not always as simple as just wrestling your "natural weight". Sometimes you have a growth spurt, sometimes you have to bump down if you want a varsity spot.) But you just don't know what to do to help your wrestler. You've tried every diet and piece of advice from your coaches, club, other parents.. heck you probably tried google too. But everyone tells you something different and nothing is working. All the meanwhile your wrestler is continuing to struggle. If this sounds like you, you're not alone. Our Mission NOTM was created because we believe every wrestler should be able to step on the mat and give it their all while making weigh-ins an after thought of wrestling. We know your wrestler spends hundreds of hours every single year to work on their strength, technique and skills with the goal to get on that mat and give it their all. We believe that your wrestler shouldn't have to struggle in their matches because they're burned out physically and mentally from cutting weight the wrong way. We believe your wrestler deserves to be strong, happy and healthy when they get on the mat. And we're here to give you the tools and strategies to get you there. This is why we've developed The Roman Protocol.


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