PaHeru Nabia-Ra Athletics


Meet PaHeru! PaHeru is a 9-year old sports enthusiast. He is naturally drawn to sports that challenge his strength, agility, and coordination. He is currently a USAG Level 5, Division 1 Men's gymnast. In addition, he holds a Red Belt in Taekwondo from the U.S. Taekwondo Center. Born premature at 30 weeks and weighing only 3 pounds, PaHeru entered the world with a determined spirit. Because of his prematurity, PaHeru suffered from underdeveloped lungs and was diagnosed with asthma and severe allergies before the age of 1. Suffering from developmental delays, PaHeru still was not speaking at 3 years old. After almost a year of speech therapy and with much support from friends and family, PaHeru was speaking, reading and writing by age 4. By age 5, PaHeru and his 2 younger brothers became entrepreneurs when they opened their business "3 Brothers Stand", a local lemonade & kids' jewelry business. ‚Äč Always with his asthma inhaler & Zyrtec, PaHeru has trained many hours at the gym and dojo in order to work towards being a great athlete. He has earned medals in Men's gymnastics events which includes Steel Rings, Pommel Horse, Vault, Floor and High Bar. In November 2018, he placed 1st All-Around gymnast at the Boudreaux Classic and again placed 1st All-Around in March 2019 at the Coastal Classic here in North Carolina. After scoring 6th All-Around(out of 48) at the 2019 North Carolina Men's State Championship, PaHeru was selected to join the 2019-2020 North Carolina Men's Elite Team. Most recently, PaHeru was named Countryside Gymnastics' "2019 Rookie of the Year Men's Gymnast". With a passion for fitness and positivism, PaHeru is now on a mission to inspire other young people to achieve their own success regardless of what "lemons of limitations" life has thrown out. We're on a journey to improve youth health & wellness!

PaHeru Nubia-Ra Athletics

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