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Perfect College Match is dedicated to assisting aspiring, college-bound student-athletes and their families with one simple goal – to not just find a place to play in college, but to find the right place to play. We want athletic fit, academic fit, social fit, and financial fit. Our firm is characterized by two key, driving principles – our “WHITE LINES PHILOSOPHY”, and the highest standards. Our “white lines philosophy” is simply borrowed from years of coaching young athletes, and is very simply stated: We don’t just care about our clients as athletes, because before they ever became athletes they were people. If we’re not willing to do everything we can for them as people, we think we need to ask if we can do what we need to do for them as coaches and mentors. In everything we do, we have the highest possible standards of performance, professionalism, and personal responsibility. We believe that if we are going to do something, we should do it right. More importantly, we believe that whatever we are doing, we should do the right thing.


Chris Siedem

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