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What is SPIDERfit Kids? At SPIDERfit Kids, we believe that personal trainers, teachers, parents, coaches, and therapists all have a tremendous opportunity to inspire children to a life of fitness and physical literacy with the power of play. Our online resources are designed to give you the research, knowledge, and activities to make youth fitness programs fun and effective for ALL children. The SPIDERfit mission is to provide you with the tools and the framework to once again make “productive play” part of children’s lives. With the knowledge of how to utilize fun, play-based activities to develop foundational movement skills, you can inspire children of all age and fitness levels to be active for life. Our goal is to cast a wide net with diverse youth fitness resources and ensure that no child feels alienated or left out. Fun, engaging activities and games are designed to create a play-based environment to build the foundations necessary for true physical literacy as well as improve cognitive and behavioral outcomes. At SPIDERfit Kids we want kids to move better so they want to move more for a lifetime! We are fitness professionals and dads, who are passionate about sharing the activities, program strategies, and research that will help you make an impact on the health of our kids. We believe that collaboration empowers our cause, so we welcome parents, coaches, therapists, teachers, and anyone else looking to make a difference as part of the SPIDERfit tribe! MEET Brett, Co-founder of SPIDERfit Kids: Brett Klika, founder of SPIDERfit Kids is regarded as an international expert in the field of inspiring kids to be active for life.

What is SPIDERfit Kids?

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