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The Jay Richardson Foundation (TJRF) is a non-profit organization that focuses on the long-term success of our adolescent youth. With a resounding motto to “breathe life into Team FAMILY”, this unique approach shifts the emphasis from our youth as individuals to a holistic, familial responsibility. We revolutionize the methodology to help younger generations set target objectives and achieve life-long aspirations by strengthening their network of support and distributing accountability. We strive to instill core values of leadership and achievement through specialized workshops, outreach programs, and unique learning experiences that allow each student to reach their highest potential. The Jay Richardson Foundation is motivated by a purpose-driven passion towards the civic improvement of our community. WHO WE ARE: Deborah Johnson Chairwoman & Co-Founder Deborah Johnson, or affectionately referred to as “DJ the Sports Mom,” is a charismatic and compassionate pillar of the community; easily recognized by her extensive involvement with various organizations and initiatives that focus on sports and parenting. To name a few, she is currently the President of Goal Minded, LLC, an organization that provides tools for parents to encourage their student-athletes to channel the same athletic abilities into their academic studies. She is on the board of the National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS), an organization who is America’s leading advocate for safe sports among children. She also updates a blog targeted for parents, Coaching the Dream, and contributes to a quarterly column at Ready Magazine to help parents advocate for their children in the pursuit of their aspirations. Jay Richardson Chairman & Co-Founder As a distinguished/dynamic athlete and avid philanthropist during his active years, Jay is well renowned for his football achievements as a 6-year, NFL veteran. He was a notable member of the 2002 Championship Team at The Ohio State University and drafted by the Oakland Raiders in 2007 (pick #138) where he spent most of his football career post-college. He bounced between the Seattle Seahawks, New York Jets, and New Orleans Saints. Jay started TJRF in 2008 with his mother, Deborah Johnson, with a goal to influence student-athletes and their route to success. TJRF has since then evolved to include all students and their families as an integral part of the foundation’s vision. Although he is no longer active on the field, Jay channels the same tenacity, drive, and focus into the design and quality of information going into the programs at TJRF. Jay often speaks at different workshops and outreach events to provide guidance and mentorship to students that may not have the same support system at home. He has established himself as a community figure and continues to impact the lives of countless individuals through his involvement with multiple charities and organizations that aim to influence, motivate, and inspire our youth.


7652 Sawmill Rd
Dublin, Ohio 43016
United States

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