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Coach Rico has a passion for the development of local student-athletes, community members, and working together with San Antonio business' to promote health and fitness across the community. Especially focusing on connecting with at-risk youth to teach real-life faith-based perspective. Implementing a philosophy of many disciplines including CPPS (Certified Physical Preparation Specialist) Certification, USA Performance Coach Certification, "MWOD" Mobility and Movement Specialist Certification, Pete Bommarito Level 2 Performance Coach Certification, Louie Simmons Westside Barbell, Certified Altis ACP Coach and Gray Institutes coveted Certification of Applied Functional Science and 3DMAPS, he promotes performance optimization, athletic development, active education, long-term health, injury-prevention, that resonates with every client. Coach Rico's primary objective is to teach a comprehensive approach of performance and fitness through an elite program and convenient meal coaching that will produce real lasting results and change lives.


San Antonio, Texas
United States

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