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Youth Sports Trainer provides science-driven information about sports performance training and injury prevention for youth athletes. Strengthening Young Athletes' Minds & Bodies for Success On & Off the Field Hi! I’m Kristen Gostomski—former athlete, now functional strength and nutrition coach, writer, researcher, and mother of two youth athletes. My interest in sports science and functional exercise began while in high school after a serious knee injury sidelined me from sports. Today, with all the information I have about functional strength, I’m confident that I could have avoided the injury or at least have come back from it stronger than I did. I played sports during the early ’90s—before the science of sports performance training had evolved. Some of the people from that generation, who are today’s coaches, currently use those same old-school methods to train athletes. For more than two decades, I have studied the science of sports performance and have learned and collaborated with some of the most trusted colleges, professional, and youth strength coaches in the industry. Since 1998, I have been developing and implementing sports performance programs for athletes in a variety of sports. I have trained thousands of athletes—ages 7 and older—and consulted with hundreds of youth sports parents and coaches about long-term development strategies and injury prevention. I believe it’s important for athletes to make informed decisions about the exercises included and excluded in training routines. Performing non-functional exercises, even performing functional exercises incorrectly, can put athletes at more risk than not exercising at all.

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