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YSPN360 is a Free youth sports instructional website featuring the knowledge and experience of high profile collegiate and professional coaches. FOUNDERS MESSAGE: Thank you for visiting YSPN360.com. My name is Lou Birdt. I’m one of the founders and the CEO of YSPN360.com. I was fortunate to have played college baseball and a summer of professional baseball. Though I didn’t reach the big leagues, I experienced more of the game than most and I’m grateful for that. When I started my business career I knew I wanted to coach and help others reach their goals. My coaching career has allowed me to coach players at every level including youth ball, high school, college players and I used to train major league and minor league players during their offseason. During this time, I struck up friendships with more experienced coaches who were more knowledgeable and mentored me in ways to make a difference in the lives of the players I worked with. Over time, it became easy for me to call them if I had a problem or a team that wasn’t “getting it”. They were always ready to help, because that’s what coaching is all about. This was the inspiration for YSPN360.com. A place where any player, coach or parent could find advice, ideas, practice techniques, drills, and more from the very best coaches/mentors. We set out to provide comprehensive resource for players, parents, and coaches that they could access anytime, anywhere, even during practice. We are assembling the best available information to help them on their journey through youth sports, starting with baseball and softball and adding more sports throughout this year.

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